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Unforgettable tours and trips are built on the special way and experience you share with family and friends. Morocco Travel Experience is a platform of tours that provide the most unique travel experiences, activities and things to do around Morocco.

Travelling to Morocco can be hard for some travelers. Activities and your dream tour are often difficult to find and even more challenging to book, Morocco Travel Experience help travelers to plan, discover and book the best tours in Morocco. Happy about sharing our exceptional culture, history and the everyday life, we created the best tours and the most experienced ones to help you enjoy your time in Morocco.

Our team of experts is obsessed with finding and providing the best activities, tours and things to do while traveling in Morocco, we work hard every day to create the maximum fun and travel experiences, so as you can appreciate the best part of your journey. Whether you’re keen on discovering the Sahara desert, the imperial cities or looking for something adventurous to try, there are hundreds of funny, amazing and enlightening experiences to enjoy.

We carefully choose our high-quality tours, show them beautifully, and make them easily bookable, from exceptional traditional tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We have something special for every kind of explorer. We believe that traveling is sharing and as a team we turned our love for traveling and art, to a commitment for human development in Morocco.


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if you do not find your circuit among those we propose you can give us your needs, and we offer circuits that meet your desire!